30 Jul

Challenging MRI Building Move Supported by Local Community

Superload driver Mike Saxton recently had an experience...
26 Jul

Generational Driving – Father and Son

Meet Randell and Jacob Wallace who are a...
15 Jul

T-U does Trooper in a Truck

Trans-United Superload driver Art Cook bob tailed his...
09 Jul

Opportunities out of T-U’s Yard!

We have landed a contract for the unforeseeable...
09 Jul

Road Closure Near Trans-United’s Yard!

From July 12th at 5 a.m. to July...
28 May
12 May

April Safety Meeting

April, 24th we hosted a safety meeting at...
11 May

July DOT Blitz – Excessive Speeding

The next DOT inspection blitz will be July...
10 May

National Pipeline Shut Down Due To Hackers

The Colonial Pipeline that supplies 45% of the...
09 Apr

Safety Meeting Open House

We are hosting a safety meeting open house...
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