About Us

Truckismo Starts Here

Well, really we started back in 1964. But it’s been Truckismo all the way. That means an unmatched level of dedication to our people, our business, our clients, our performance, our equipment, and most of all to safety. If it needs hauling, we haul it. Trans-United has the manpower and trucking capabilities to do it, because we only use the best drivers and equipment.

We judge success by satisfaction, because our safety is a given. Truckismo standards demand it, and we LOVE a challenge. The faster it needs to get there, the heavier the load, the more excited we are to get the job done and done right.

Trans-United is strategically located near the Port of Indiana in Burns Harbor, Indiana, serving 48 States and points international. You can take a load off knowing the Truckismo choice is the right choice.

Specialized Crane and Rigging Association Award

Trans-United is one of the top 50 specialized carriers in North America as awarded by American Crane & Transport. The award of North America’s Largest Specialized Transportation Companies is recognized industry wide as an accurate depiction of specialized trucking companies across North America. For us, this means our hard work to be a provider of quality service has seen some pay off. For our customers, it means they are working with a carrier who has the ability to handle their freight and exceed expectations. For our drivers, it means we have the equipment and know how to enable them to be the best driver they can be.

We couldn’t do this with out having a great fleet of drivers. Drivers are the backbone of the industry, and supporting drivers so they are successful means ensuring success to our customers who simply want reliable and consistent service.

Jeff Fleming, President/CEO on the origins of T-U and how we become known for our All-American culture.

Trans-United Specialized Hauling