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Freight Forwarding


Our Trans-United drivers are fully equipped to move all of your international freight needs. From our drivers having RFID Transponders, to TWIC cards, we always come prepared for the job. We provide transportation to all 48 states, Canada, and Mexico. Project quoting is available along with our expedited services. You can rest assured that your freight is in safe hands with all of our tractors being equipped with GPS tracking for your peace of mind.

Kim Young – Freight Forwarding Account Manager

Kim has been with Trans-United since January of 2014. During that time she has focused on serving the freight forwarding industry, becoming someone we can all lean on when dealing with this challenging segment of our business. Soon Kim will lead a team of account managers with a focus on the freight forwarding industry.  With her years of experience and enough passion to share, we look forward to what the future holds.

You can reach Kim at 219-762-3111 ext. 244


For decades we have provided our professional service to our customers with moving their modular freight. We have the capacity to move all types of modular pieces whether it is with our multi-axle double drop stretch trailers or perimeter deck trailers, we can fulfill all your transportation needs. T-U provides in-house site surveys along with covering permits and escorts. Rest easy at night knowing that your freight is under our watchful eye with all of our trucks being equipped with GPS tracking 24/7.

Jeff Veach – Corporate Sales Manager & Modular Account Manager

Jeff has been with Trans-United since 2005. During that time he has worked with many customers in the Oil & Gas, Electric transmission, Power generation, and Medical industries to safely move modular buildings throughout North America. This segment of the industry can prove challenging due size and weight requirements, but with our experience these challenges are just another day in the office for us.

You can reach Jeff at 219-762-3111 ext. 245

Tanks & Vessels


For consumers nationwide, this may be the most important commodity we specialize in. For years we have been specializing in moving brewery tanks for brewery expansion and installation projects ranging from the East coast to the West. We have specialized tank trailers designed specifically to serve this type of work! If there is one thing we know, Americans are serious about their love for craft beers and we are pleased to be able to move these tanks for breweries across the nation!

Contact #: 219-762-3111 ext. 245




Serving all 48 states, Canada, and Mexico, we have been providing transportation to all types of machinery to our customers for over 50 years. We provides services from our in-house permit department, escort department, and site surveys. We strive to deliver all freight on time in our late model tractor and trailers. All of our trucks our equipped with GPS tracking which gives us the ability to give our customers minute by minute updates on their freights exact location.

Contact #: 219-762-3111 ext. 248

Department of Defense


Trans-United has provided transportation for all specific types of military freight to our customers for over 50 years.  With our in-house permit department, escort department, and site surveys, T-U offers a range of services to meet all your DOD transportation freight needs. All of our late-model trucks our equipped with GPS tracking which gives us the ability to give our customers minute by minute updates on their freights exact location.

Kyle Osborne – Department Of Defense Account Manager

Kyle joined Trans-United in 2022 as Department of Defense transportation specialist. The military industry is a familiar space due to Kyle’s experience in the Marines from 2013 to 2022. While in the Marines, Kyle’s initial responsibilities included Landing Support Specialist, executing the transportation of external loads with heavy haul helicopters. He went on the operate as a Combat Marksmanship Instructor, working in Marine Special Operations Command, Landing Support Platoon in in Okinawa, Japan and much more. His military resume is impressive and is a an indication that his commitment to getting the job right is imperative to how he operates.

 “I have, and will do everything within my power to accomplish the task at hand, while not accepting failure as an option.” – Kyle Osborne.


You can reach Kyle at 219-762-3111 ext. 232


Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, or equipment renter, we have the equipment and experience to transport construction equipment across North America at all sizes and weights.

Our team is dedicated to seeing each load reach its destination. Our in-house dispatch and permit department looks ahead to plan routes, permits, escorts, surveys, all the details that make transporting large, heavy, and unique freight possible.

Eric Dishman @ 219-762-3111 ext. 260

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