Enclosed Transport

Van Services from a Specialized Hauler? You Bet!

While we are known as a specialized hauler, we have been transporting van commodities — everything from raw materials to finished products, machinery ect. After all, many of our customers have come to appreciate our attention to detail, ability coordinate shipments and our honest, consistent service that gets the job done. We use air ride trailers, the best trucks and drivers who know how to handle and secure your shipment to help ensure that it will arrive in one piece. So whether you want to move a single load, 200 loads, or even more, get to know us today for all of your shipping needs.


Dry van trailers offer secure and weatherproof transportation for a wide variety of cargo, protecting goods from external elements such as rain, snow, and dust, ensuring their integrity throughout the journey.

With a closed structure, dry van trailers provide enhanced security against theft and unauthorized access, giving shippers peace of mind that their valuable freight will reach its destination intact.

Dry van trailers’ versatility makes them ideal for transporting diverse loads, including consumer goods, electronics, industrial materials, and more, making them a reliable and efficient choice for businesses seeking a flexible and cost-effective transportation solution.

Conestoga trailers combine the convenience of a Flatbed or Stepdeck with the added protection of an innovative rolling tarp system, making loading and unloading cargo much quicker and safer compared to traditional flatbeds or dry vans.

The rolling tarp system of a Conestoga trailer eliminates the need for labor-intensive tarping and untarping, reducing the risk of injuries to drivers and ensuring that the cargo remains shielded from weather conditions and road debris.

Conestoga trailers offer versatility for transporting both dry van and open deck freight types making them an excellent choice for shippers seeking a reliable, efficient, and flexible transportation solution.

Our dry van lanes are intended to move asset equipment near customer locations to provide consistent and reliable service.

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