Our Trailers

Fleet Diversity means having the ability to move most freight on company owned equipment. Our goal is to have the ability to be a turn key partner to the open deck industry. Our Trailers:

  • 53ft Swing Door Van – These trailers allow freight to be fully enclosed and protected. The swing door trailers allow for maximum loading width.
  • 53ft Aluminum Flatbeds – Light, and stout trailers perfect for moving general goods and bumping up to a 5ft high dock when required.
  • 53ft Stepdeck Conestoga – A Conestoga is a trailer that has a tarp system on rollers to cover the entire deck space but never make physical contact with the tarp itself. Great for machinery and sensitive products that need to be forklift or crane loaded while having van like protection, with out the need for a van trailer.
  • 53ft Stepdeck Trailers – Perfect for freight that has some height to it and may even need a very long deck with lots of contact points that are weight bearing.
    • Our stepdeck stretch trailers go up to 10 axles and stretch out to max deck of 74ft.
  • RGN (Removeable Gooseneck Trailers) – Often dubbed a “Lowboy”, RGN trailers are generally 2ft from the ground in the well and are designed to move freight that has extreme heights. Per the name “Removable Gooseneck” these trailers can detach from the front so heavy equipment and various vehicles can be driven onto the deck of the trailer.

Trans-United Trailer Types and the Advantages to Owner Operators

53' Flat Bed

53' Step Deck

48' Step Deck

45 Ton Stretch Step Deck

60 Ton Stretch Step Deck

70 Ton Stretch Step Deck

RGN Lowboy

50 Ton Stretch RGN

60 Ton Stretch RGN 12' Extension with Jeep and Booster

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