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T-U Driver Ambassador

T-U Driver Ambassadors are T-U Drivers who exemplify an incredible commitment to the industry and have a proven track record of service and safety. These drivers are handpicked by the President (of T-U) to represent and be the voice for ALL T-U drivers. Over-the-road drivers have a unique experience and are often not appreciated in the trucking industry. We want to support drivers and believe the best way to do this is by collaborating with the drivers themselves. We have found that offering drivers an opportunity to speak their mind, while listening to and implementing their ideas, is the best way to support them for the long-haul.

T-U Driver’s Council

On April 24, 2021, we conducted our 1st T-U Driver’s Council. This was a formal meeting, held with our Driver Ambassadors at our corporate office. The purpose of the council was to have the Driver Ambassadors come together and give input on the, overall, driver experience, with focus towards T-U’s performance and commitment to the drivers who serve our customers. Our goal in conducting this council was to gain a better perspective from our drivers, so we can better assist towards their happiness and success.
Being humble and Truckismo minded, we know that the driver’s experience serving customers in the field is unique and valuable. We are not naïve enough to believe the people in the office are always best equipped to make informed decisions for drivers who serve our customers in the field.

Owner Operator Ambassadors

Niels Mortensen – 14-year T-U veteran and Owner Operator Ambassador

“Trans-United is an elite company with the resources, teamwork, and equipment to provide stability for the long haul. I’m known by my name and appreciated for the job that I do here. I get to run when and where I like, on a schedule that gives me plenty of home time and pay. In my 34 years of driving, Trans-United is the best place I’ve been and this is home for me.”

Jeff Feliszak – 20-year T-U veteran and Owner Operator Ambassador

“A true Honor! Thank you all for all of your support over the years… I just knew when I walked in the door 20 years ago that I found the company I was looking for… pure professionalism!!”

Company Driver Ambassadors

Michael Saxton – 7-year T-U veteran and Company Driver Ambassador

Mike Saxton is a T-U super-load driver, delivering some of the largest loads we haul. Recently, he made a notable delivery to Bar Harbor, Maine. This move was notable due to the community support that was shown. This is largely unheard of, considering it was the type of load that blocked roads and slowed traffic as it reached its destination. Read more about this move here.

Art Cook – 7-year T-U veteran and Company Driver Ambassador

Art Cook is a T-U super-load driver, delivering some of the largest loads we haul. Art has the right TRUCKISMO attitude to take on any challenge and he has proven himself time and time again to be one of the most dependable and trusted Drivers in the T-U Fleet!

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