Got What It Takes?

Established in 1964, Trans-United, Inc. is a long standing specialized carrier with a reputation for providing superior service and the ability to manage diverse shipping needs.

Our drivers experience freight from direct customers who treat us like respected business partners. Having a loyal customer base has been a part of Trans-United’s longevity plan that has kept us  a Top 50 Specialized Carrier in North America as recognized by American Crane & Transport.

Understanding who drivers are and what they value is important to having a good relationship with them. We recognize

We are TRUCKISMO – Truckismo is our motto of how we see the world, the creed that our family of drivers live by. As a result, our drivers are tough, honest and always ready to get the job done right. Our CSA scores are strong and a direct reflection of Truckismo drivers along with our commitment to execution and attention to detail.

Trans-United, Inc. is looking for Owner-Operators and Company Drivers for expanding operations. We primary hire from the Eastern half of the United States to keep drivers near our customer base..

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Company Drivers

  • Starting 28%-32% up to 35% of Line-Haul
    • Flatbed Fleet – 28% starting.
      • Averaging $71,000 
        • $72 per mile, all miles!
    • Specialized Fleet – 30% Starting.
      • Averaging $84,862 per year
        • $.89 per mile, all miles!
    • Superload Fleet – 32% Starting.
      • Averaging $111,044 per year
        • $1.84 per mile, all miles!
    • Orientation Pay – $500
    • Guaranteed $1,100 minimum the first 2 full weeks
    • 50% of Tarp Fees
    • Weekly Advances
    • Comprehensive Benefits Package
    • Highly-Rated Fleet Managers!
    • Guaranteed Home-Time
    • Opportunity to Advance – Learn how to move the big stuff and make more $$$!
    • Family owned and operated, our family is dedicated to enabling you to take care of yours!

Our Trucks

Late model Western Star tractors

3 axle and 4 axle tractors available

Automatic and manual available

500 HP Detroit motors

Green APU

Locking Headache Rack

Power Inverter – Refrigerator – Location for TV mount.

Fully adjustable and heated air ride seats

One free truck wash per month provided by T-U


  • 76% – 78% of Line Haul pulling your trailer
  • 66% – 68% of Line-Haul pulling our trailer
    • Flatbed Fleet – 66% starting.
      • Averaging $2.39 per mile to the driver!
    • Specialized Fleet – 67% Starting.
      • Averaging $3.77 per mile to the driver!
    • Superload Fleet – 68% Starting.
      • Averaging $234,203 gross
        • $2.96 per mile, all miles
  • Add 10% to linehaul percentage when pulling your own trailer. 
  • Flatbed, Stepdeck, RGN, Conestoga, Stretch Trailers.
  • Orientation Pay – $500
  • 100% of Fuel Surcharge
  • 100% of Tarp Fees
  • Detention Pay Mirrors Linehaul Percentage
  • Weekly Settlements and Advances
  • Paid IFTA Permits
  • Online Load board
  • Tire, Securement Equipment, and maintenance discounts. 
  • Paid Plate Program
    • $2,300 Reimbursement Cap
  • Customer Freight
  • FREE E-Log Equipment
  • Best Mobile Tools to Run Your Business
  • 100% of Nationwide Fuel Discounts
  • Full-service Shop and Office Support
  • Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to your success!

Cost of Operating a Truck with T-U

  • License Plate: T-U will order your plate if needed at $300 deposit and proof of paid 2290. The
    remaining cost is deducted through settlements.
  • Escrow $1,500 @ $50/week until paid off at 30 weeks
  • Verizon Service (ELD) $20/month
  • OCC-ACC insurance $183/month
  • Physical Damage Ins. TBD – we have good rates based upon value of truck (.0474 x value/12)
  • Bobtail/Deadhead Ins. Usually included in Physical Damage – if separate $41/month
  • Internet Truckstop $39/month (optional)
  • Pre-Pass $15/month – $100 deposit required
  • I-Pass (tolls) is responsibility of driver

Driver Service Map

Although we service the entire United States, Mexico and Canada our focus is to keep drivers on the Eastern half of the country in the map below. This focus is strategic to our sales team and agent base that is focused on providing customer direct freight. The best way to do this is have good customer relationships that keep us off of the load boards.


  • Where do we run?
    • We run the continental USA, Canada and Mexico. Our goal is to keep our trucks strategically located on the Eastern half of the U.S. which is where our customer base is located and keeps the trucks operating at a high level of efficiency.
  • What type of freight do you haul?
    • We haul freight that ranges from LTL’s, Steel plate/poles, fabrication, machinery, modular buildings, and tanks.
  • What is your home time like?
    • Our goal is to load drivers home every two weeks. Some drivers like to be out longer than others so we work with every driver to make sure they meet their home time needs.
  • What kind of experience is needed?
    • We require 1 year minimum verifiable open trailer experience.
  • What does my safety record have to be?
    • No accidents for 12 months and no DUI for 5 years.
  • What do we pay?
    • We pay a % of the line haul of each load. Based on your verifiable experience, we will give you a qualification and your qualification will reflect your starting percentage. Percentage increase is available with tenure and qualification advancement. Additional pay includes tarp, and detention pay.
  • What type of trucks do we run?
    • We run Western Star trucks. They are 4900 SB models with 3 axle and 4 axle options
  • Do we offer benefits?
    • Company drivers can get health, vision, dental insurance along with a life insurance option, and more.
    • Owner Operators have the option to get supplemental Aflac insurance.
  • How long have you been doing this?
    • We have been in business since 1964!
  • What is the best thing about Trans-United?
    • The “truckismo” culture!
      • We promote living out an All-American, get it done kind of attitude. Life will always come at you hard; however, with a Truckismo attitude you can do anything.
  • What’s the best way to see if I am good fit for Trans-United?
    • The best way to see if we are a good fit for you is to apply through the Apply Now button above or give us a call at 219-762-3111 x235.

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