Driver Scorecard

Driver Scorecard

The driver Scorecard is a safety and compliance measurement tool that empowers the driver to monitor their own performance. Driver performance is gauged using a grading-scale ranging from A+ to F. The Scorecard grade is a measure of the driver’s efficiency and effectiveness. Each Driver can optimize their ability to make money and remain DOT compliant.
By using the Scorecard, we empower the driver by giving them the information needed to be the best they can be. As a company, we do not micromanage driver activity. However, we believe being proactive and aware is the best way to make money and limit downtime.
Drivers can monitor their scorecard in real time through the Pedigree tablet, provided to each driver. Any questions or concerns can be directed towards Dispatch or Safety.

What does this mean for our drivers?

How does it work? - We grade drivers using a letter grade based on 10 categories

How are drivers graded?

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