Trans-United’s asset equipment is made up of 3 and 4 axle tractors, flatbeds, step decks, RGN’s, and stretch/ multi axle set ups. This mix of equipment allows us to offer our services to a large range of customers who have many different needs and requirements. Having the ability to go from an LTL partial move, to a month long super load that takes days and sometimes weeks of planning translates into serious value to our customers. Being a one stop partner for customers means streamlined work flows for everyone involved, no need to go our into the market and get lucky with a carrier when you can create your own luck by partnering with Trans-United.

To compliment our fleet we recently purchased a 10 axle RGN stretch trailer. This trailer has a closed main deck of 31′ and a stretched deck reaching up to 54′. The combination of the stretch and the 60 ton weight capacity puts this trailer in a position to move very large, heavy, and high exposure freight.

Customers appreciate this kind of equipment but thankfully they can leave the technical side to the professionals. By communicating straight forward information we can put together a plan for loading, transporting, and delivering your freight. This info can be provided here and an industry professional will reach out to you once the submission has been reviewed.


Pictured is T-U driver Adam Bennett, moving a super load on a 10 axle RGN stretch from Missouri to Alabama at 36’6 long, 8′ wide, 9’5 tall, and 103,900 pounds on the trailer making his permitted weight 195,000 pounds!

Adam has been with the company for many years and at the time he joined the company had little to no over size experience. Years and hundreds of loads later, Adam is a go to super load driver with a great track record that shows our customers first hand our appreciation for attention to detail and focus on safety.


To get a quote and discuss how T-U can be an effective transportation partner check out our services page here and submit a quote here.