The first van trailer was made around the year 1500 with an enclosed cart that was horse powered (literally). From this time forward safer and more elaborate horse powered carts were designed to move goods that would have been considered modern day infrastructure for that time. These old age transport methods continued to evolve and eventually we ended up with motorized vehicles and now full size tractor-trailers pulling several hundred thousand pounds at times.


Much like transportation, our current infrastructure and goods produced is often much different than was experienced hundreds of years ago. For example, we recently moved a project of natural gas pipeline equipment to North Dakota. Mining and moving natural gas is important to our modern day comfort of living and quality of life. We often find our selves moving equipment and products that affect the average American life more than they realize.


Natural Gas Pipeline Pump


From energy products, construction equipment, beer tanks and military equipment such as Humvee’s, the need to transport freight is just as crucial as it was in the 1500’s, yet the scale is not comparable. We are known for our ability plan and execute over dimensional and over weight loads making Trans-United a more niche player in the open deck, specialized transportation market.




Companies moving energy and infrastructure based products are often reliant on specialized carriers to execute moving their products with precision. These products are expensive to engineer and produce so leaving the manufacturing site and arriving at delivery in perfect condition and on time is a vital part of serving their customers.

The next time you heat your house or turn on the stove don’t forget that the hard work trucking companies did to play a key role in making sure that can happen.

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