It started 20 years ago when Jeff Feliszak walked into Trans-United looking for a place to call home…

At the conclusion of a conversation with President, Jeff Fleming. Jeff Feliszak was told “give it 90 days and you will know.” That conversation was 20 years ago and shortly after Jeff Feliszak joined his best friend George Mcbroom joined the team as well. Both men are still actively working and are some of the safest drivers you will ever see on the road. Being Owner Operators Jeff and George both have their own trucks they operate and maintain everyday. To show our appreciation for them we had 20 year anniversary jackets made for them so they can proudly show for their accomplishments!

Having drivers with a tenure of 20 years makes us feel blessed to be able to provide a place where Owner Operators can come and be successful on their own terms. The feedback we get from drivers tells us that we do a good job of empowering drivers by supporting them from our home office and allowing them the opportunity to move good freight for long term customers.

Trucking really is about who you know and we are fortunate to have known Jeff and George for 2 decades!


Jeff Feliszak – 20 year Trans-United Owner Operator


George McBroom – 20 year Trans-United Owner operator