Barged into the Port of Indiana from Germany and then loaded on to stretch trailers, 12 brewery tanks traveled to their final destination of Galesburg, MI. to be used in an expansion of Bells Brewery.

Bells makes beer that is well known to the Northwest Indiana area and the personal in our corporate office. Being connected to the actual product brought another level of excitement to the work. There is pride found in being a part of the process that allows them to serve more beer by expanding their operation. This kind of work cannot be taken on purely for a love for good beer. Projects like this are very detail orientated to make sure every load traveled the best possible route, with the best drivers and pilot cars so that the schedule for offload goes as planned.

There are many moving parts to successfully deliver products such as this one, that was 14’7″ wide and 14’11” tall before being loaded. The details of the move is finalized by our in house permit department and then communicated to the driver through a pre-trip meeting. This meeting touches expected timelines, permit reviews and equipment preparation so we are ready to meet every expectation. 

Pictured above is 1 of 12 brewery tanks getting set onto Owner Operator Jeff Feliszak’s RGN Stretch trailer.

The driver takes full responsibility for where the cargo is placed and how it is secured. This means the driver needs to be directing the loading team to be sure everything is in order because once the driver is en route all cargo responsibility falls on the driver and carrier. A driver may need a piece in just the right spot to balance out weight or to find the center of gravity of a wide load. In this case, we opened the trailer a few feet to accommodate the tank that would be placed in the well. The main concern is that the tank was centered on the trailer so that the driver was satisfied, once this is done the load can be secured.

Owner Operator, Jeff Feliszak(left) secures the tank to the trailer.

All 12 tanks were successfully delivered, thankfully we were already familiar with the route because we have delivered other beer tanks and vessels that have come into the Port of Indiana for Bells and other breweries in Chicago. 

Owner Operator, Jeff Feliszak secures tank with the assistance of local driver Richard.

Trans-United Specialized Hauling would love to assist in any moves where we can use our team of service oriented drivers. Whether it is tanks, machinery, modular buildings, fabricated components, we are available to work through the details with you.

If you are in need of transportation services, simply submit a Quote Request or reach out to us at 219-762-3111 x245 and ask for Jeff.

We looking forward to sharing our expertise and delivering your next load for you.