T-U Drivers


Regarding:  T-U Operations during the next weeks and possibly months.


Today is March 16th and we are in the mists of experiencing a response to a virus unlike any other time in American History!!

I like many of you have been filled with information of a virus that is spreading and in some cases (approx. 3%) deadly.

The virus spreads thru airborne transfer, physical contact and contacts with surfaces where the virus can survive multiple days.


One of my current biggest priorities for me is to have our Drivers and Employees Health & Safety at the highest levels.

Last week you received an email from our HR Manager regarding our response to the COVID-19 virus.

If you have not reviewed, please do so and take all the necessary precautions to insure you minimize your exposure.


Over the weekend the Governor’s in Ohio, and Illinois announced that restaurants and bars will be closed to sit down dining.

I have searched how the truck stops will handle this, but have yet to find any information.

I would recommend that you prepare yourselves with food in your trucks that you may find necessary state to state.

As far as fuel availability I currently find no negative impact.


In our Daily Huddle on Friday, I instructed the Fleet Managers to work closely with you to insure that the Shippers and Consignees are open and any rules or restrictions are clearly known.

We have received a few notifications regarding accessibility to facilities and in one case where Drivers would have their temperatures taken prior to being allowed into the delivery areas.


From a business perspective, we will continue to operate and adjust as necessary.

And we will continue monitor and share what is relevant to our operation and  Your Health and Safety.


Regards, Jeff