Trans-United Superload Driver, Mike Saxton delivered an entire airport catwalk! This unit is used to allow flight passengers to go from the terminal in the airport, to the cabin of a plane all while staying indoors.

This unit was built in Europe, shipped via water to the Port of New Jersey in Elizabeth, NJ. where it was loaded onto a Trans-United, Stretch Stepdeck trailer.

A typical Stepdeck trailer will have a 42 foot continuous deck. In order to accommodate this 62’10” long unit the trailer was expanded length wise to support and distribute the weight of the 56,108 pound unit.

Once Mike loaded this unit, he connected with his escorts that worked closely with him to ensure his route was clear and safe. The use of these escort cars is a crucial part of transporting freight of this size. Traffic must be directed to allow the truck and trailer to make turns and a lead car also physically verifies each over head structure is the height listed on the state issued permit.

This units final destination was O’hare Airport, on the outskirts of Chicago. Our home terminal is located in Indiana about 2 hours from O’hare Airport meaning we have delivered a unit that a Trans-United employee, driver, vendor, or customer will likely use some day.

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