The next DOT inspection blitz will be July 11-17 and focused on speeding as well as other reckless driving violations. This is the focus of the blitz because in 2020 the overall traffic volume was down but there were more fatalities than previously which is largely due to excessive speeding. In order to curb fatalities and injuries across the board we encourage everyone on the road to respect what is means to be a licensed driver in any vehicle.

DOT wants to bring awareness to this issue to help people not just incriminate drivers. That is why the industry is given plenty of time to prepare, although the best companies don’t need to prepare for the blitz because they are prepared to be safe and pass inspections everyday.

At T-U every trucks speed is monitored so that we know if a driver is going an excessive amount over the speed limit. We do not baby sit drivers nor do we hassle them by having the ability to monitor the truck. The goal is to create a culture of safety and attention to detail by respecting the responsibility we take on as one the most trusted specialized carriers in North America.

The next scheduled break inspection blitz will be August 22-28, 2021. Do not get caught being a liability to your self and others on the road. We encourage every driver to be “Truckismo Ready” which means being prepared to pass a thorough DOT inspection everyday.


Roadcheck may be over, but the next trucker blitz is just around the corner