T-U driver, Lucas Murphy along with his side kick Yellow Lab, Taft loaded a fully electric and autonomous vehicle designed to make delivery of small goods.

The vehicle called Einride is all electric, and fully autonomous designed to be monitored remotely. In case the vehicle needs to be under human control the unit can also be controlled remotely. With several models available, the company Einride Tech states that its product is the first fully autonomous vehicle on the public roads. They also state 2 of the 4 models it produces have been ready for consumer use since early 2021. We assume the active units they have working must be in Europe considering the model shown is 1 of 2 prototypes to hit the United States.


Traveling from Europe via ocean vessel, Einride was driven onto T-U equipment at the port in Newark, NJ. Using a Removable Gooseneck(RGN) trailer we are able to disconnect the front of the trailer from the main deck allowing drivable units to drive onto the trailer avoiding the need for a crane and lift points.

Einride then traveled to a media opportunity in New Jersey that overlooked the 9/11 memorial. Being a prototype, seeing the vehicle in the States and on the public roads is a big accomplishment.


(The tallest building in the back of the photo to the left is the 9/11 memorial building)







The Einride technology is designed to minimize man power as well as CO2 emission for transporting goods while staying cost effective for the shipper.






A level of trust is conveyed when exclusive, high cargo value units are entrusted to the T-U team. This Einride pictured is only 1 of 2 prototype units in the United States at this time. This fact raises the cool factor for the driver Lucas and the everyone else apart of the T-U family. We love being apart of special projects that bring us a level of pride knowing we provide a quality of driver and service that is worthy of such moves.






The fact of the matter is that people trust people, and people are motivated by results. T-U transported Einride on the trust of a decision maker who knew that putting a plan together and executing it as expected is important.





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