Trans-United company driver Jenice Turner was apprehensive about applying and being turned down, holding her back from working towards her dreams.

With the support of her husband, she applied and was approved to be a Trans-United driver. Starting as a flatbed driver Jenice is determined to gain the experience and knowledge to pull specialized loads that can be either over dimensional or over weight.

There are not many women drivers in the open deck/ specialized hauling industry. The lack of women in the industry can leave a perception that is it a “mans job”. In reality, being a highly trained specialized driver comes with the experience and grit to go out there and get the job done, nothing more.

Jenice has a quality of work that has been described as someone the company would love to have more of, due to her timeliness, perfect tarping work, or the great customer reviews. This quality of work matched with the drive to evolve her skills means Jenice is on a great path to being a specialized driver and Trans-United loves helping drivers get to their goals.

Our company motto is Truckismo which in short can be described as the “embodiment of the All-American can do spirit”, we believe Jenice is Truckismo and that means there is some real pride behind the kind of work she does.

Jenice’s story is special because it is the inception story of a woman who is determined to live out her dreams, follow the link below to watch Jenice talk about how she fell in love with trucking.

If you are a driver that gets excited about doing a quality job for direct customers who appreciate you and enjoy working with a personal, and transparent company then find us at or give us a call at 219-762-3111 x235.