Today we ask you help us in celebrating the visionary of Trans-United’s 90th Birthday.

Charles (Chuck) Fleming had a vision, in the mid 70’s to take his knowledge, experience, and diversify into the specialized segment by acquiring an operating authority in 1978. Although Trans-United was

originally founded in 1964 in the state of Texas, the Authority was sitting idle in Mount Greenwood bank in Illinois. Once the Authority and State Filings were obtained and brought current, he and his wife Ami set out to create a Specialized Carrier based in Northwest Indiana.

Through their hard work and commitment things came together and they began growing and continued to grow all the way to today. Trans-United is currently recognized as one of the Top 50 Largest Specialized Carriers in North America with a safety record that shines through to the grit and integrity put forward when the company was established. Chuck and Ami continued leading the company until the late 90’s when they decided to retire to Eastern Tennessee where they live today. Chuck continues to enjoy golf on average 3 days a week and has been recently found to get in 5 days on occasion!

His vision and commitment gives us all today the passion to continue what he started and we are proud to have this rich history to share with our T-U family, our personal family, customers and friends. We are very blessed to still have him in our lives!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! – Son, Jeff Fleming.

(Chuck(left) and brother Bill(right) in 1935 when Chuck was 5 years old.