30 Jun

New Freight from Macon, GA to Villa Park, IL !!!!

T-U Drivers pulling flatbeds,, we have been awarded...
24 Jun

Why We are Here!

Today we ask you help us in celebrating...
06 May

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Post Regarding COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Commercial Vehicle...
28 Apr

Free Masks Supplied to Drivers!

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is providing free...
16 Apr

State-by-State Shelter-in-Place Orders

Shelter-in-Place Orders/DMV Status Shelter-in-Place Orders State-by-State
10 Apr

Message to Drivers Entering Utah

Special COVID-19 Announcement For Utah
09 Apr

Missouri Allows Trucks Parking at Weigh Stations

Missouri to allow parking at weigh stations
08 Apr

DIY Cloth Face Coverings

Please go to the bottom of the article...
03 Apr

Texas city takes drastic measures against Coronavirus

Loredo, TX takes drastic measures against Coronavirus
03 Apr

Covid-19 Cleaning Recommendations

  Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a serious pandemic that...
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